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What is there to know about Tucson real estate? Buying or selling homes can be a complex process, especially if you do it very seldomly. On my YouTube channel, I try to cover commonly asked questions and topics I think will help you along in your process.

If you don’t even know about all the neighborhoods available to you in Tucson, how can you search them in a real estate search platform? Use my video tours (usually one minute or less) to get a sense for all the possible neighborhoods at your disposal. My exploration is always expanding because I aim to give you a flavor of each neighborhood so you can judge for yourself which one feels like “your” community.  It’s one of my favorite things to do.  Please contact me if there is a community or area of Tucson you’d like me to pay special attention to, or any topics in real estate you’d like to see covered in these videos!

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Couple Moving Out Saying Goodbye
Advice for Buyers

When The Love is Real (Estate), But it’s Time to Move On (Sell)

How selling your home can feel like ending a relationship There are a million ways in which real estate is like love. When you fall in love with a house, you can accept its flaws. You can even sacrifice your living habits to make it work. Over time, you become attached. Remember George Bailey’s resounding joy when he returns to his broken down house? The love is real.
Wooden signpost with EMOTION and LOGIC in reference to emotional home buying
Advice for Buyers

The Home Buying Process: Let Emotion in or Check it at the Door?

Emotional Home Buying - It may seem logical to let the numbers do all the talking and check your emotions at the door as you enter into your home search...after all, you don’t want to pay more than the market dictates is reasonable.

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