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Couple Moving Out Saying Goodbye

When The Love is Real (Estate), But it’s Time to Move On (Sell)

How selling your home can feel like ending a relationship

Couple Moving Out Saying Goodbye

There are a million ways in which real estate is like love.

When you fall in love with a house, you can accept its flaws. You can even sacrifice your living habits to make it work. Over time, you become attached. Remember George Bailey’s resounding joy when he returns to his broken down house? The love is real.

But change is inevitable. We all have to evolve to stay in love. Maybe what once felt comfortable isn’t making you happy anymore. Perhaps your space no longer fits your family, your expanding home business, or your favorite hobby.

Maybe it’s simply time for a new adventure.

It’s never easy saying goodbye to a house – even when you know it’s time to move on.

You feel like you’re saying goodbye to good memories and to the potential you always knew was there, but never saw to fruition.

But here’s the thing. You don’t have to let go of the memories. Take them with you. Use them to make your next space even better. Let your imagination run wild! Your next (house) love will flourish once you let go of your tight grip on the old.

When you’re ready to journey onward, or even just to explore the idea of change, reach out and ask questions. It’s free.

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