Explore the Neighborhoods of Tucson

Neighborhoods of Tucson Photo across the City

Find Your Favorite Hidden Gem Neighborhood Before You Buy

Explore Tucson's Neighborhoods

The Hidden Gems of Our City - One Neighborhood at a Time

Tucson has so many great (hidden gem) neighborhoods! Take the time to find the neighborhood that suits you most, before you make the big decision to buy your home! Visit my Video Library to learn more about the neighborhoods of Tucson and see them for yourself.

I’m always expanding my exploration of Tucson’s greatest gems, and have created one-minute videos on many of Tucson’s neighborhoods. Whether you are looking for a unique home, an historical home, or areas with larger land lots or views, this is a good place to start getting your bearings. Also, check out my video on Getting Your Bearings in Tucson, Arizona on YouTube. You’ll learn what’s within reach of Tucson, Arizona by plane or car, and also a bit about the Tucson climate.

When you click on the neighborhoods in the list below, you will see the current active listings in that area! I hope you find this useful. I know I would have appreciated this when I was home searching all those times in my past! So often, I’ve taken a couple of recommendations from friends or acquaintances on neighborhoods in a city, only to find out after living there, that there were some really cool neighborhoods I didn’t even know existed! Getting a glimpse of the homes for sale in a specific neighborhood helps you see the style of homes while assessing affordability as well.

Inside Tucson

I will soon be adding sections for Oro Valley, Vail, the East Side, the West Side and the Catalina Foothills neighborhoods. If you have a priority area, let me know and I’ll bump it up to the top of my list! It takes time to build this neighborhood database.

For other useful home shopping resources, visit my Resource page for community links, phone numbers and websites, as well as the Arizona’s Department of Real Estate Buyer Advisory.

Catalina Foothills

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