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A Fantastic Tool for Refining your Search

Searching for properties in Tucson, Arizona doesn’t have to be a chore. It’s fun when you can refine the search using the below Advanced Search criteria to find exactly the types of homes you’re looking for. You can even search for properties with guest facilities, either guest quarters, or separate guest houses. Just click on Interior features to find the guest facilities option. You can save your search, have it send you automatic updates, and even share it with friends and family so they can be in on the fun!

I recommend the following order of operations when you decide its time to explore properties.

  1. Speak to a lender if a mortgage is needed. Find out exactly what you qualify for, or if you have work to do before your credit score is where you want it, and to know exactly how much you need and want to put down on a home before you search any properties.
  2. Explore what parts of Tucson appeal to you most. If you want to browse around neighborhoods first to figure out where the right properties and the right community both converge, visit my page on Tucson Neighborhoods.
  3. Hire the right Realtor® who understands your needs and desires. If you need help refining your preferred neighborhoods, find a Realtor® who knows Tucson and who can help you refine all of your search criteria. Do some preliminary searching of properties so you have some idea of what you will be able to get for your budget. Avoid searching properties that are far out of your financial reach, but don’t ignore those properties that are in the next price point up from yours – just in the beginning of your search, because knowing what features you get by bumping up the budget helps you establish your own expectations for what you can afford.

Now, go refine your criteria and start searching properties now!

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