Selling Your Home

Staged Patio with furniture set out to gather family and friends; staging helps your home's market value! Get a higher valuation when you follow my staging advice.

What is My Home Worth?

Before you sell your Tucson home, find out what your home is worth (market value)! Take a few minutes to complete this form for a free valuation of your home.

Once you submit this, I will run a report for you comparing your home to other recently sold homes to arrive at a range for market value. It is called a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).

This result will help you arrive at a good market value range. If you would like a Realtor® to recommend a specific price, a home visit is advised. Reach out anytime to schedule an appointment for an at home visit market valuation. This helps me evaluate where in the market value range your home would fall. To do this on your own, compare the homes in the CMA produced by submitting the above form – study the details of those sold properties and assess the differences. If your home has all of the same features and is in equal condition to those in the report, it’s pretty straight-forward. If you live in a neighborhood that is more or less homogenous, the formula is simple.

The advantage of having a Realtor® do this, however, is that there are adjustment values for specific features different from the actual cost it might incur to add these features. For example, it may have cost you $75,000 to add your pool, but it won’t amount to a $75,000 difference in value. The same goes for garages, kitchens, and bathrooms. It’s helpful to have an expert evaluate, especially if your home is more unique and doesn’t easily compare to the homes in the recent sales. A Realtor® can also help factor in differences in neighborhood values (if the comparable properties are in a nearby neighborhood that is a little different than yours, or they were sold five months ago and the market has changed).

In order to get a higher valuation on your home, I recommend you read my Seller’s Guide – The Preparation, which will give you lots of tips on how to create a setting that will draw more buyers and multiple bids on your home.

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