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About "A" Mountain

tucson arizona downtown view with A-Mountain Sunset backdrop

An Urban & Suburban Neighborhood

“A” Mountain is a Tucson neighborhood surrounding Sentinel Peak just west of downtown Tucson, where the letter “A” has been laid in rocks and whitewashed with white paint to represent the University of Arizona, which is mere minutes away as well. Homes here are close to downtown and all of the university amenities too. 

How did “A” Mountain come to be and why is it so popular? Here’s the story. In the early 1900s, when the University of Arizona had a strong football rivalry with Pomona College of Claremont, California, a University of Arizona football player and civil engineering student approached his professor with a suggestion to build an “A” in rocks on Sentinel Peak to mark the territory of the University of Arizona football team. It took approximately 4 months to construct, with students using six-horse teams to haul rocks up the little mountain, and it is now an integral part of the Tucson cityscape. You can see the “A” from miles away.

“A” Mountain offers an urban suburban mix feel, and many of the homes in the “A” Mountain community will offer you nearby transit via the SunLink (streetcar) to downtown and university restaurants, clubs and shopping. It’s also a popular place to hike up and touch the rocks making up the “A”.

Also in close proximity is Tumamoc Hill, another hiking Mecca. It has a paved path of hairpin turns transversing about 1.5 miles to the top, a steep incline that takes roughly a half hour to climb and is a challenge for any walker. Every morning and every evening, hundreds of people head up the “hill” to get some exercise. Some people even pack weights on their bodies or push strollers to make it even more arduous.

With these hiking options, mountain views and city amenities, this neighborhood is convenient and desirable for a Tucson lifestyle. To see what homes are currently on the market in the “A” Mountain neighborhood, see the search results below.

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