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Robin Singer Realtor Tucson Arizona Explore the Neighborhoods of Tucson 2

Coming Soon…exploration of the Sam Hughes Community!

A full exploration of the Sam Hughes community is under way and will be posted soon. It is the first in a series of deep dives into Tucson’s many hidden gem communities. If you’re looking to move, home shopping in a new city (or even the one you’ve been in for a long time) can be daunting without a little guidance from a real estate expert. Maybe it’s time to look at your city from a new perspective!

In this series, I will personally explore each neighborhood, in no particular order, and bring you history, sales statistics, character, photos and videos as well as a notated map of the area. I’ll even let you know of any great restaurants in the community. If you have an area of interest that you’d like me to explore next, please let me know in the comments!

The Flavor of Sam Hughes - a snippet of what's to come...

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